Project Description

A great way to get started building and understanding Plugins for Symmetry! 

This project is designed to grow community involvement in EString Software's Symmetry for Windows 8 XAML all while adding useful plugins to the user community.  Plugins extend the power of Symmetry by orders of magnitude. 

Why use plugins? 
Imagine you are working on a custom app that renders data from a feed (web service, rss, REST, etc).  At any given time you may wish to examine how various components of your UI are reacting to the data.  It's taking you way too long to keep tweaking the code, building, deploying, logging in, testing, navigating... etc.  Without Symmetry you have to write custom code (into your build branch) to test these scenarios.  This code will later have to be factored out.  You decide to build a Plugin for Symmetry that helps you quickly load data sets from your feed into a list of buttons.  Clicking a button pushes the given feed into the model.  You can now test multiple scenarios very quickly and changing the data is no longer even a UI layer task.  Even better, next time you publish the code to UAT, your testers can also just use the Symmetry Plugin to quickly regression test multiple data scenarios.  You gain a bunch of time ($) back for your project.  Your managers throw a party and make you the guest of honor.

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